Tour de France 2020 | Stage 7 (Millau - Lavaur, 168 km)

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Sagan didnt really have a good position to begin with. Odd when he usually is the best at positioning himself. In larger bunch sprints, this was small group.... maybe he just was knackered.

Then he bumped into someone and might have had a mechanical, but he wasnt gonna win either way from that position.
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Castroviejo dropped back to try to drag Carapaz back to the lead group.
This makes no sense. For all the planning and marginal gains bs one would think Carapaz is ONLY here to help Bernal.
The guy would be on a training program to peak for the Giro and be NOWHERE near the top riders level to compete for top5 on GC
You can't have it both ways
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Alaphilippe waving his hands around like an idiot and swerving around whilst people around him are sprinting, what a tool
I agree that he was zigg-zagging a lot. But the biggest swerve was the moment he dropped the chain and raising his hand to signal he has a problem is totally the right thing to do. The angrily waving around, he could have saved for after the line, true.
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What is Kwiatkowski going to do for Bernal, if Bernal has a technical? - They will both end up with Carapaz anyway in that instance.

At that point in the race, Bernal doesn't need a helper for anything, but Carapaz does.
Handing him a wheel? Giving his bike?
Imo, that was pointless. At that point in the race, both of em would never come back with the front group going that berserk, so it's a risky move.