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Tour de Romandie 2023, April 25-30

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Simon Yates, winner of Tour of Romandie 2023. Great show. If only his brother was here to share in success.

Someone at Movistar realized that the first sprinter into the last corner would win - chapeau Gaviria!
GC wise, One Yates won and one went home early. Jayco must wonder about their Yates and his problems. Dunbar did a good stand-in job at 9th overall. Movistar must feel a bit bitter after Jorgenson's fine performance and then the news of him leaving for greener pastures. Otherwise, DSM's Poole and Onley confirmed their promise and will DSM be able to hold onto them?
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Well, this has been an interesting race. We've had:

  • Costa's bike falling apart.
  • Jumbo sprinting for non-existant bonus seconds
  • The grupetto getting lost (basically at the same time as the above)
  • Talk about Bjerg's beautiful wife
  • And Adam Yates repeatedly getting confused with Simon by the graphics
With a MTF like this you can't argue it's unbalanced, but it's not like you don't waste half the stages for kinda nothing. Spread the road stage selection over 2-3 hard road stages that aren't this hard and then make 1 TT that's longer and a bit flatter.