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This is a race of two parts. First part is the Muscat Classic, a one day race on February 10, followed by 5 stages of Tour of Oman. Startlist should be the same for both races.

It's like UAE Tour, but with actual hills and mountains instead of a flat desert. Should make for a better viewing.
A lot of riders will rider both this race and UAE Tour afterwards.

Notable riders: Merlier, Mentjes, Ulissi, Herrada, GvA, Hirt, Cavendish, Lutsenko, Sosa, Ackermann, Masnada, Vansevenent, Formolo, Buchmann



Live video stream available on Eurosport/GCN (only highlights).

Also live broadcast here:
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umB5pYa1FUM


Full startlist:
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2023»Muscat Classic(1.1)
One day race»Al Mouj Muscat›Al Bustan(173.7km)


2023»Tour of Oman(2.Pro)
Stage 1»Al Rustaq Fort›Muscat (Oman Convention & Exhibition Center)(147.4km)


Stage 2»Muscat (Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex)›Qurayyat(174km)


Stage 3»Al Khobar›Jabal Hatt(151.8km)


Stage 4»Izki›Yitti Hills(204.9km)


Stage 5 (Final)»Samail›Jabal Al Akhdhar(152.2km)

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You can't just create a one day race and call it a Classic. Don't work like that.

Any yet they did it :D

From the website:
"A new race is born in the Sultanate, the Muscat Classic, on the eve of the 12th edition of the Tour of Oman, featuring 5 stages from 11 to 15 February.
For the first time in the history of the event, the final stage leads the riders to Jabal Al Akhdhar, on the slopes of the iconic “Green Mountain”, after an ascent of nearly 6km at more than 10%.
Nine UCI WorldTeams have confirmed their participation and the national team of Oman is making its comeback after a successful first in 2022. "

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I actually like the enthusiasm of Arabic broadcasters, they are usually so hyped up when commentating. You don't even need to know what they're saying, just go by the volume.
Exactly! I watch UAE Tour on abudhabi sport (or something like that) every season. The style of their commentary, like they don't make any pauses between words or sentences and the hype and excitement is unique.
Some serious wind expected on friday (Muscat), and it's a full on headwind on the last climb. Will be hard to make the difference on it. Bigger chance now that it will be decided in a reduced bunch sprint. Zingle (favorite for me), Gibbons, Ulissi, Vendrame are guys to look out for. Maybe even guys like Kanter or David Dekker survive because of the headwind and if it isn't made too hard before the last climb.

Also some parts with crosswind earlier in the race, but wind might not be strong enough to really cause carnage.
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