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Rui Costa renews with UAE. 2 years contrat

If im not mistaken it make 30 riders to UAE in 2020 .
Yes, the team confirmed the 30-man team for 2020 at the bottom of that article:

UAE Team Emirates 2020 roster:

Andres Camilo Ardila (Col)
Fabio Aru (Ita)
Mikkel Bjerg (Den)
Tom Bohli (Sui),
Sven Erik Bystrøm (Nor),
Valerio Conti (Ita)
Rui Costa (Por)
Alessandro Covi (Ita)
David De La Cruz (Esp)
Joseph Dombrowski (USA)
Davide Formolo (Ita)
Fernando Gaviria (Col)
Sergio Henao (Col)
Alexander Kristoff (Nor)
Vegard Stake Laengen (Nor)
Marco Marcato (Ita)
Brandon McNulty (USA)
Yousif Mirza (UAE)
Sebastian Molano (Col)
Cristian Muñoz (Col)
Ivo Oliveira (Por)
Rui Oliveira (Por)
Jasper Philipsen (Bel)
Tadej Pogačar (Slo)
Jan Polanc (Slo)
Edward Ravasi (Ita)
Aleksandr Riabushenko (Blr)
Maximiliano Richeze (Arg)
Oliviero Troia (Ita)
Diego Ulissi (Ita)

Very strong squad on paper that should be a top 5 team at worst in 2020 alongside DQS, Jumbo, Bora and Ineos.
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I think only Pogačar really inspires
He's their jewel obviously but there's far more than that.

Gaviria now has Richeze to lead him out. Kristoff has had a good year and Philipsen has had a very promising neo-pro season. A very strong trio for sprints and flat-ish one day races.

Ulissi, Rui Costa and Formolo are a strong trio for the hilly one day races and can also pick up results in one week stage races.

Dombrowski, De La Cruz, Henao, Conti and Polanc should be good climbing helpers for Pogacar.

Aru is obviously still a big question mark at this point. If he returns to his best then that's another guy for GC at the grand tours.

McNulty, Berg, Ardila and Covi are four excellent neo-pro's and at least one or two should provide some immediate results.
I think only Pogačar really inspires
Oh, c'mon, the level of talent in this team is scary. With Pogacar, Philipsen, Ardila, McNulty and Bjerg they blow away any other team in terms of u-23 talents. If they can hang onto them for several years and don't screw their training and development, they might become the next dominant team in a couple of years.
And that's besides their sprinting team, which can do great if they manage to put everything together with Gaviria, Richeze and Kirstoff. Also in harder hilly classics, with Aru, Formolo, Ulissi, Conti, Henao and Costa they have a potentially superb team.
Yep, Ardila doesnt have a photo on PCS site and I counted the pictures
There's much easier way to check the number of riders with contract than counting pictures. ;) You click "analysis" and they're all listed by numbers. Works correctly for future years/contracts too.
Thats a good point, Anderis. For all of the talk of Jumbo and Sky, UAE could really rival them as early as 2021. I wonder how big their budget really is (I suppose its the 2nd biggest?).

Movistar on the other hand seems to have taken a great leap backwards.
Of course they will let him ride to win ITTs. What Ineos won’t let him do is ride for GC in GTs, but they can quite credibly tell him that a couple of years as a domestique in their program will do more for his GC development than a few more doomed GC efforts on most other teams.
Dennis is 29 already. You seriously think he's going to want to wait yet another 2-3 years?
I don't know why people assume he won't be allowed to go for it in the ITT. Much lesser riders than him had good results for Sky during GT ITTs and I'm not talking about those GTs from which their leaders crashed out.
Sure, they let Kwiatkowski off the leash once or twice once GC is sorted but Dennis is far more ambitious than him as a stage racer. Also, how well is Dennis going to TT at the end of a GT after towing the peloton around in typical Ineos fashion?

This makes absolutely no sense for either party. Dennis would be too far down the pecking order and Brailsford will struggle with the eventual explosion.
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Sure, they let Kwiatkowski off the leash once or twice once GC is sorted but Dennis is far more ambitious than him as a stage racer. Also, how well is Dennis going to TT at the end of a GT after towing the peloton around in typical Ineos fashion?
They let De la Cruz and Kiryienka go for it during 2018 Giro TT, while Froome was sitting 4th in GC.

There might be other concerns regarding Dennis to Ineos move but the notion that they'll not allow him to ride for himself during GT ITTs in order to save his legs to work in the mountains is ridiculous.
Also Ineos know what kind of rider Dennis is and that they need to give him what he expects if they want him to stay motivated and be useful for the team. And Dennis knows what kind of team Ineos is and that he needs to make big gains in mountains before they'll allow him to go for GC in big races. If they come to an agreement, surely they'll have sorted how to manage this situation, at least for now.

And you may think Dennis is more ambitious than Kwiatkowski as a stage racer but Kwiatkowski is always telling the Polish media that the reason he went to Sky and is staying there instead of going to a team where he would have more freedom is that his main goal is to fight in GC in GTs at some point and they're the team that give him the best chance to develop in that direction.
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