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The pattern has started long before Covid-19. Once they had Dumoulin but they've never replaced him with another rider capable of winning a GT. Once they had Kittel but now they no longer have a sprinter capable of regular wins on pancake flat stages on TdF level. Barguil left after 2017 despite having a contract for 2018 IIRC. It just seems like it's just beyond them to keep a strong team together for a few consecutive years.
They've always been a team on a budget, before they ever had Sunweb on board

They were working to build a team for GTs for Dumoulin (brought in Kelderman and Roche, among others), but they never really got in a proper, top class mountain domestique, and then he left. They seem to have retrofitted that squad into what we see now in the Tour.

They've had a good record of bringing through young talent (Dumoulin, Kittel, Barguil, Degenkolb and now Bol and Hirschi), without ever really making a lot of big name signings (Matthews, Benoot, ummm...)
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No doubt Hirschi’s market value has risen the last two weeks, any sensible agent would be shopping a bit round now either to line up a 2022-move or get Sunweb to renegotiate and prolong a year early on higher wages. Hirschi has delivered on his potential, Sunweb’s lost a profile and should have extra money lying around - negotiating 101 from Marc’s camp.

This is in no way similar to the Bling-situation, Hirschi has been given a sensible and good program as a neo.
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In which case he will for sure be moving to Isreael no? Adams will open his wallet once more.
There are some rumours that he'll quit road cycing and focus on MTB (Specilized would still give him nice money) and that he's just trying to get as much money as possible out of this (and the next season), the reason why he's racing the Giro.
Are there any rumours about Zakarin? CCC is falling apart and he'd be an interesting option for some teams, even if his past might be a bit problematic for some of them.
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