Turbo trainer and nutted axle

Sep 5, 2021
I am keen on getting a turbo trainer and sensors so that I can use Kinomap.
I have a mountain bike with a rear nutted axle. Will I be able to use this?
Probably looking at a Lifeline TT-01 or TT-02.
Thanks in advance.
It depends on what exactly you plan to buy, and it has more to do with if the freewheel/cassette you are using will fit on the turbo (if you are looking to buy a direct drive) and if the spacing will work. Fro DD turbos the rear wheel is removed, so for normal dropouts the axle the wheel has is irrelevant as you can just replace it with a quick release in the turbo (bikes with thru axles are different, but that's because you need to use that axle to secure your bike).

You could just buy a dumb turbo where the wheel isn't removed, use a hard wearing tyre and get a power meter. I'm not sure what sensors Kinomap requires though.
Sorry, I missed that you were looking at those specifically. Generally, yes, that's going to be fine. Those turbos basically clamp the bike by the dropouts, so you may want a couple of cloths to protect them if the clamping mechanism is just exposed metal. I can't be 100% certain it'll fit, but I'd be genuinely surprised if it didn't. You'll likely want a turbo tyre too, normal tyres wear out quickly.
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Yes. It's really difficult to find out for certain. Thanks again King. Very much appreciated.
No problem. For what it's worth, I used a very similar turbo for a long time with road bikes with skewers and track bikes with nutted axles. I used to stick tea towels between the clamp and the dropouts to protect them (making sure to keep them out of the way of the wheels). I moved on to using rollers exclusively in the end. You can get them with magnetic resistance and set up is much easier.
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