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Twigo Wiggo is Brad to thin.

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Jul 30, 2009
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+1 above

they should have another serious go at a GT next year as part of the team learning curve, but he should put some weight back on and do some cobbled races and classics then be himself and a team captain/mega-domestique for the young guys with the right physique to contend in fully competitive GTs eg Kennaugh.

I hope they dont try and make Geraint something he isn't. Looks like he will be a superb classics racer.
scribe said:
So you think Hincapie can go from the 170s and drop 40lbs down to Contador weight and do just fine? That's pretty much your understanding?

Its all about BMI..do the math and you will find that many riders are similar..

Like in elite marathon running, 99% of em are between 17.8 - 21.2 BMI.

Genetics plays the biggest role.