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U23 races and talents

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JosephD said:
RedheadDane said:
JoeD1997 said:
A lot of U23s (although only Polartec-Kometa from the bigger U23 teams) are racing on the 22nd at the Tour of Antalya stage race in Turkey (UCI 2.2).

Leopard: Gessner, Quarterman, Wirtgen
Tirol: Brkic, Dobbs, Zimmermann
Polartec: Sevilla, Habtom, Camacho, Canton, Gamper, Gazzoli, Pena
Eritrea: Habtemichael and Mebrahtom (both won a stage at the Tour de l'Espoir a few weeks ago)
Nice Devo Team: Colombian Johan Sebastian Jaimes Mendoza (he has no records on PCS, anyone know anything about him?)
Other riders: Salim Kipkemboi (4th overall and stage win Sharjah Tour) + Suleiman Kangani (BikeAid), Nikita Sokolov + Alexey Voloshin (Vino-Astana), Yuriy Natarov + Galym Akhmetov - 2nd/3rd in Capodarco last season (Astana City)

The race itself looks pretty hilly on profile. Not sure how to attach images so I've linked the race website which has some info on the stages here: http://tourofantalya.com/tr/etaplar

There is a 32.5km ITT, with 20KM flat then the last 12.5km up a cat two climb that leads onto a cat 1 climb to the finish.

One question:
What the **** is a Danish (national) team doing there?

Who knows, I didn't recognise any of the names on their roster though.

It's actually a rather weird situation, as the entire team consists of riders - and staff - from a local Danish team, as in; a team from the level below Continental. They're just riding as the Danish National team because of the rules.
Guess there are also certain rules about what riders can be picked for national teams - if it's done the traditional way - in a cat. 2 race; probably not allowed to just make a team consisting solely of WT riders.
Probably not that many WT teams who'd let their riders go off and do a cat. 2 race.

And this definitely isn't a U23 race; Pozzato is racing!
Jan 6, 2014
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Evenepoel is ridiculous.
The Kattekoers - the U23 edition of Gent-Wevelgem - sees a Slovenian win:

1. Ziga Jerman (Slovénie)
2. Jake Stewart (Grande-Bretagne)
3. Mathieu Burgaudeau (France)
4. Andreas Krön (Norvège)
5. Mikkel Frolich Honore (Norvège)
6. Hakon Lunder Aalrust (Norvège)
7. Sean Bennett (USA)
8. Max Kanter (Allemagne)
9. Gabriel Cullaigh (Grande-Bretagne)
10. Johannes Schinnagel (Allemagne)

The first seven riders were part of a breakaway group that barely made it to the finish. Kanter won the sprint of the main field.
U23 Flanders
Well done to the Aussies
Whelan the win
Stannard sprint for 3rd
Monk 10th after being in the break of day

Rnk Rider Time
1 WHELAN James 4:07:57
2 KANTER Max 0:06
3 STANNARD Robert ,,
4 MALECKI Kamil ,,
5 STOKBRO Andreas ,,
6 HIRSCHI Marc ,,
7 BENNETT Sean ,,
8 TOUZE Damien ,,
9 ROCCHETTI Filippo ,,
10 MONK Cyrus
Tour de l'Avenir 2018

17/08 - Et. 1 : Grand-Champ - Elven (132,5 km)
18/08 - Et. 2 : Drefféac - Châteaubriant (137,6 km)
19/08 - Et. 3 : Le Lude - Châteaudun (165,8 km)
20/08 - Et. 4 : TTT Orléans (20,2 km)
21/08 - Et. 5 : Beaugency - Levroux (130,4 km)
22/08 - Et. 6 : Le Blanc - Cérilly (183,5 km)
23/08 - Et. 7 : Moutiers - Méribel (35,9 km)
24/08 - Et. 8 : La Bathie - Crest-Voland Cohennoz (106,2 km)
25/08 - Et. 9 : Séez - Val d'Isère (89 km)
26/08 - Et. 10 : Val d'Isère - Saint-Colomban-des-Villards Col du Glandon (150,8 km)

Profiles: https://www.directvelo.com/actualite/65522/tour-de-l-avenir-le-parcours-2018-devoile

Don't like it. Stupid TTT, no ITT, ridiciluously short stages. At least we're back to 10 days.
Course de la Paix starts in two days, and Evenepoel is in top shape.
Classement :
1 EVENEPOEL Remco ACROG-PAUWELS SAUZEN - BALEN BC les 27,4 km en 38'12''551'' '(moy. 43,03 km/h)

38:12 is 8 seconds quicker than Sasha Weemaes, the U23 national champion, who rode on the same course.