UCI MTB World Cup (All forms!)

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Ramp is back! Tougher course with the rain, the off-camber stuff is barely rideable. PFP was looking strongest with Neff when she messed up big time on a rock climb. If Neff can avoid disaster she should hold on; silver / bronze going to be a real battle.
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Just like in the men's -- "to finish first you must first finish."

PFP really did look Neff's equal before her horror dab. (she slid out on the rock climb, lost her bike, and had to scramble up with cleats. Lost about 40 seconds and never recovered). Lecomte -- seemed like nerves got to her; she had a couple of dabs, pushed too hard battling the Swiss for silver and faded.

Kudos to Neff -- she got off to a great start; that first obstacle bottled up everyone from P 7-8 and she was off!
How many riders will be DQed for hugging? ;)

Fantastic display from Neff, but it would have been exciting to see if Ferrand-Prévot could have challenged her a bit more without the crash or at least have given Frei and Indergand some opposition for the secondary medals.

Blanka Vas's performance was very impressive, but being a CX rider probably helped her a lot in these conditions.
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Neff suffered a serious injury in jan 2020 where she had a ruptured spleen, a fractured rib, and a collapsed lung. She had her artery plugged and her spleen is dead tissue.
She broke her hand in June 2021.
She's had many injuries but she came back to win the Gold in Tokyo
Totally deserved for Neff. In addition to that, her last big win (World Cups or major championships) was in 2018. Now she goes to the club of women who won at least one Olympic title, one World Championships and an overall World Cup.
Congrats Jolanda!
Congrats Sina, Linda, and SWI!

Jolanda seemed to be finding some form again after 2019 and 2020 issues, and it all came together for a great win. With Trek as her bike sponsor we can expect some PROject one Olympic paint jobs. Hopefully they also have consumer available NEFF products to celebrate (ie: a special addition helmet).