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Our season-long games are mostly filled, but you can still join one of the daily competitions now that the cycling season is finally underway!

1. In Wall Street Cycling we hold a bunch of intense auctions on the evening before each WT race, and once you secured a rider by betting the highest, you'll score positive if his CQ score exceeds your bet, or negative if it's below: http://www.profsl.com/smf/index.php?board=3473

2. Life Behind Bars is a winner guessing game for anything you please, from TdF polka-dot jersey to a La Tropicale Amissa Bongo stage. Again, a wrong bet is worse off than not placing any, so cycling knowledge is more important than sheer activity: http://www.profsl.com/smf/index.php?board=3608
Hope everybody is still healthy, safe, and sane!

When a pandemic keeps you indoors, why not join an original fantasy project?

We're starting the new season in 2 weeks.
Turns out we had to delay the start of this year's game a bit due to the pandemic-flavoured slow transfer circus. Now we're finally there. The game will start on Monday, as all the big fish confirmed their futures, and partially thanks to Qhubeka surviving even the smaller ones like Fabio etc. seem to have found their new homes.
Due to a doping scandal, one team has just become available, starring Alaphilippe, Simon Yates, Vlasov, Quinn Simmons, with lots of cash left for reinforcements.
We're back baby!

Kicking off on November 6.

14 teams confirmed, would love to get back to the usual 18 to avoid those awkward merger talks

Sign up here please:

https://fantasycycling.freeforums.net/t ... t-rule-all

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