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I. Short version

This is a fantasy league in which you take over one of the 18 World Tour teams, sign up to 30 riders in a series of auctions, and give them multi-year contracts within your total salary cap.

Then you choose 8/9 guys to score for you in each race based on the real-life results, and redo the bidding for riders out of contract and neo-pros each January.

I'm organizing this together with profsl.com - a bunch of American guys who know a bit about cycling and A LOT about advanced fantasy games. We keep it simple so that their heads don't explode, but if this goes well we could easily add more features/races/teams next year.

II. Long version

The rules are not set in stone, this is the first draft.

Salary Caps
Each team starts with zero riders and is equally rich. It can spend €5M per year on salaries. Each team can have at most 30 riders and will start with 3-5 keepers from the real-life team, with real-life salaries.

FA Bidding
Bids are in format of total contract value. The minimum bid is €30k and the minimum increment is €10k. Note that the number of years does not need to be listed until the bid is won. The resulting salary will be the final bid divided by number of years, rounded up to the next €10k. The winning bid will be the highest total contract amount.

Whether each player is auctioned in a separate thread at the ProFSL website or with a one time secret bid is being discussed, see the brainstorming thread.

Bidding will be done for players before the league starts and as well as during free agency each following winter. You will be bidding on the whole amount of the contract. Example: If a team bids €4M for Cadel Evans, then that declares that the entire value of his contract is €4M, and they can still choose between 1 year €4M, 2 years €2M per, or 3 years €1.34M per. If he retires earlier, tough luck. Contract guidelines are:

Salary range, Maximum Years
€100k or less (per year) = 1 year
€110k - €990k = 2 years
€1M or higher = 3 years

Example: Astana sign Andy Schleck for €2.4M. Based on this amount, they are only able to sign him to a contract up to 2 years, because if Andy's total salary was broken down over 3 years, it would only be €800k per year, not the €1M that is required for a 3 year contract. Nevertheless, if the bid was won at €2.4M then a higher total contract amount can be awarded.

Scoring System
Until the evening before the race (until 23h59 local time), every team chooses 8 riders (9 for the Grand Tours) that represent them in this race. Only these riders will score points if they do well IRL. These points are added up in the individual ranking. According to the UCI rules, the team ranking is obtained by adding up the points obtained by the five best riders in the individual ranking. The ranking of teams in the event of a tie will be determined by the place of their best rider in the individual ranking.

Two teams can at any point exchange riders and their contracts, as long as it keeps them within the salary cap. The added dimensions would be e.g. taking a risk on a rider you saw shine in a lesser race, or dumping big salaries in preparation for next year's free agency.

Free agents
With enough salary cap space and enough space on the team bus, you can always start an auction for a free rider during the season. You're required to inform all other teams about this.

Teams to choose from, a quick overview of scoring rules, and the calendar: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012_UCI_World_Tour

In case registration goes slowly, we might want to forget Tour Down Under this year.

III. What to do

1. Take a look at the league page: http://www.profsl.com/smf/index.php?board=1107.0
1. Create an account on profsl.com
2. PM me @Garfield there (as in: not here) using this format:

#1 favourite team:
#2 favourite team:
#3 favourite team:
#4 favourite team:
#5 favourite team:

(I don't believe in any first come first serve crap, so instead I'll try to decide fairly once everybody lets me know. You'll find the 18 available teams in the Wiki link above.)
Season 1 is finishing in roughly two weeks. It's safe to say it has been a huge success so far. We're all looking forward to 2013 already, with some new features: more races, possibly more GM's (we were 18 this year, but it's not really fixed), possibly a neo-pro draft, and brand new wave of exciting auctions starting from November 1. If you'd like to join, send me a PM on ProFSL and/or check out the league for yourself: http://www.profsl.com/smf/index.php?board=1107.0
I've enjoyed this first season. Certainly gave me a new angle on watching the races when I was rooting for those that would get me points.

The auctions will be great again, I am sure. And then the new cycling season will be right around the corner - this time with HC races also being part of the game!
Feb 15, 2011
Fus087 said:
I've enjoyed this first season. Certainly gave me a new angle on watching the races when I was rooting for those that would get me points.

The auctions will be great again, I am sure. And then the new cycling season will be right around the corner - this time with HC races also being part of the game!
How do new people join?
We have one last-minute opening: Katusha with Uran, van den Broeck, Fuglsang, Hushovd, Goss, Goos, Polanc, and over 60% of their budget still untouched. The auctions are very intense right now, so only sign up if you have free time this very weekend.
Jul 20, 2010
Still need two more players.

2 round neo-pro draft and auction for all remaining free agents (only about 50 riders are under contract for next season).
This just in: we're expanding! Tomorrow at 8pm CET (2pm ET) we'll hold a live draft for three brand new second division (Pro-Conti) teams. If you feel like joining, tonight's the night - contact me ASAP :)
Happy to report our main league is growing steadily, and nowadays we look into having even more fun with small games on the side. The newest addition is called Quick Fix - a series of independent mini leagues, each focused on a different type of races, and thus potentially more inclusive for casual fans.

So in case you only follow le Tour de France, or if you're some perverted sadist only watching people hit the ground on wet cobblestones - we're not judging, so do join!

At least five completely separate mini leagues will take place in 2016: cobbles (E3, GW, RvV, PR), Ardennes (BP, AGR, FW, LBL), Giro, Tour, and Vuelta. Each will be preceded by a quick draft, with a salary cap in place, and individual salaries fixed depending on past CQ scores of each rider. Again, feel free to join just one, or some more.

The cobbled season starts soon, please sign up here if interested: http://www.profsl.com/smf/index.php?topic=255651.0
The first draft (cobbles) has started today, but unfortunately one person pulled out. We're still 14, but will accept another person within the next 24-48 hours. Please contact me directly via ProFSL if interested.
I'm guessing not too many people browse cycling forums in November, so let me start the 2017 recruiting early!

We're coming back stronger than ever. A community of 20 fantastic personalities, and always looking for more cycling die-hards to join us on the dark side, participating in one or more of our fantasy leagues :)

On the menu in 2017:

- UCI WorldTour aka the main league: big teams, long contracts, neo-pro draft, 500 auctions every November.

- Rainbow Cup: straight up snake draft of all cyclists, but their price is fixed based on past results.

- Country Roads: not one, but nine drafts, as all riders get divided into separate pools: sprinters, puncheurs, GC men etc.

- Quick Fix: a series of 5 mini-leagues (cobbles, Ardennes, 3x GT) where you have to guess the next dominant force some weeks before the proceedings.

- Fine Young Cannibals: new league, focusing on finding fresh talent, a combination of auctions and extensions.

- Wall Street Cycling: another new idea, and the only league where you can make big changes overnight. You auction riders very shortly before every big race, and get rewarded/penalized instantly based on the investment/result ratio.

Please note I'm not around here very often, so in order to join you MUST sign up to ProFSL and contact me there using the links you'll find in my opening post. (Everything's free, btw.)
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