Ulle returns as management?

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Aug 26, 2010
Chuffy said:
He has the potential to bring something special to the party - a unique understanding of the dark side of sport. The question is whether he can turn that into something positive or something cynical and untrustworthy.
I'd love to see Ullrich back! but in the article he is quoted as saying
''But everything will be OK, because I'm sure that time heals all wounds.”
well it doesnt you have to heal the wounds that you caused German cycling and it would probably take a confession from Hondo, Jan and Andreas and a pledge and some action to clean up cycling for a new generation to get me onside.

Originally Posted by greenedge
Go Ulrich. Hopefully set up a german team with Kittel, Kluge, Martin and Degenkolb. Now that would be a team.
Yes That exact thought has crossed my mind too. Plenty of young talent coming out of Germany in spite of all the fuss. Tough to find a sponsor though. You would need another ambitious billionare who loves the sport for that to happen. Well it happened in Luxembourg...
Dec 27, 2010
Bavarianrider said:
What's at stacke?
I'll bet you a £10 donation to the charity of the winner's choice that Ullrich is not racing professionally by July 1st next year. Deal?
Aug 12, 2009
Bavarianrider said:
Jan is returning to pro cycling as a rider. You heard it here first.
His last race isn't finisehed yet. I give you my word

I'd LOVE that :D was such a huuuuge Ulle-fan as a kid - but I don't think a return as a rider is ever gonna happen :eek:
Jun 4, 2011
Swabian Lass said:
I heard that Fausto Coppi is going to make his come-back at the Giro next year.
i heard that too, he is trying to be the first zombie cyclist to win the Giro.
will10 said:
Yeah sure I'd go for that. What do you reckon then?
Ok 10 pounds seems a fair deal.

Hell i know that the chance is very slim that this will happen. But boy, i am too much of a Ulle fan to bet against it.:D Hope dies last, and some guys close to Ulle gave me some hope, so who knows:D
There's an interesting inteerview on the egrman eurosport sote with Jan today.
He tells that back in the day he used to ride with steel frames and had bottles filled with led on his bike during training:eek::eek:
So much about the myth that Ulle didn't work hard.