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Unusual kit and sponsors

Jun 27, 2010
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I know http://footon-servetto-fuji.com/en/home/id/1/ are a talking point for the unusal kit designed by Bilbao artist Dario Urzay but has there been stranger?
Their 09 two tone blue kit was fine but the black footprint on the gold/biege/flesh colour isn't that pleasing to the eye.

They are a talented bunch sponsored by an insole maker, clothing hanger company and bike maker. Is it just me or does gold not work on bicycles?

I presume the owners are cyclists. Apart from Predictor company with Lotto anymore usual stuff. The odd pink and purple kit a few years back springs to mind?
Yes we have heard plenty of comments about the Footon kit, personally I am warming to it. However, I think it is the case that Footon, the primary sponsor wants their existing logo design and colour to appear in the kit design. I just checked out the Footon website and they do appear to have the black and biege colour for the logo colours. However, the realisation of using those colours in a cycle kit design may be a little less than desirable. I am sure their marketing company would want some consistency given their financial commitment. Although, I believe that through clever design and creativity they could have come up with a more pleasing design and remained in-sync with the sponsor colours.
I really appreciate the kits like Footon and Predictor (and Lampre and Liquigas) that stand out from the sea of black and light blue.

I used to ride in a T-mobile jersey (the 2006 UNICEF one). It may have been pink, but everyone notices a six foot guy on a bike in a pink jersey. This includes spectators (advertising for the pros) and motorists (safety for us dorks who dress up and play cyclist).

Also, inb4 vertical black stripes & denim overalls.