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USA Cycling's Role in doping w/Armstrong/Nothstein, etc.

Oct 18, 2012
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From slowtwitch forums: "It is about time we look at the culture of drug use. Of late all of this points to Lance who clearly was a cheat. But if USAC and the UCI did not tolerate and in many cases promote drug use then maybe Lance or someone like Lance would not have taken the drugs.

USAC was absolutely part of the problem. USAC for years tipped off athletes about drug tests. This was done a few ways. USAC when they knew about upcoming test simply told some (select) cyclists a test was coming. At one time USAC was supposed to provide names of cyclist on the US cycling team to the USOC. USAC was also to provide names when a cyclist was out of the country. Several cyclists that were put on the list for being out of the country but were not added back on the list for months even though they may have only left the country for a week or two.

Some drug testers or those in charge of testing at events tipped off cyclists. Marty Nothstein was tipped off several times by a particular drug tester. How many others were tipped off?

This goes back to at least Jerry Lace. Lisa Voight CEO or Executive Director of USAC for sure was involved. CEO of USAC Steve Johnson well aware of drug use in cycling and was chosen to be in his position by certain people directly involved with the drug culture.

USAC CEO Lisa Voight kept quiet positive drug tests. Marty Nothstien tested positive and Lisa Voight the wife of national team coach Craig Griffen suppressed the information from the public. Chris was also the head US cycling coach at the time and I am sure know absolutely nothing about any drug use ;-) Today that test would have resulted in Marty not riding in the Olympics. He would not have been National Champion that year. EDS a sponsor of USAC would have been out and there is good evidence EDS was also in on the action.

So what about Steve Johnson. Does the name Thom Wiesel ring a bell? Lance’s friend and business partner. Some of the money behind Subaru Montgomery and then US Postal and so on. Thom and select board members of USAC and USPRO pulled off a takeover of US Cycling. Some of you may know about how he did this in skiing as well. Steve is a hand-picked CEO via Thom‘s takeover crew.

Now Steve says USADA does not have jurisdiction. Steve is a puppet of Thom. Of course he takes that position. USAC risks being exposed of keeping quiet, covering up, tolerating and even promoting drug use.

No wonder USADA is keeping some things quiet for now.

Rumor, ok this is a rumor, so not sure it is fact like the information above but that the UCI was just like USAC.

No wonder UCI also said USADA may not have jurisdiction. I would bet they also have lots of things to hide.

I am guessing USADA is just on the tip of the iceberg. Hopefully the majority of cyclists, who are actually clean, will be able to compete in a different culture. It is about time USADA go after the mob because USAC has been controlled just like the mob controlled the legal system in some places. "