Van Wilder (the REAL thread)

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I don't know much about him, or that he warrants a thread (yet).

BUT - I hope he becomes a star, if nothing else, so that his thread forevermore starts with this picture:

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Or he could ask broccoli to rename the thread into laymen's edition, and then make the real one. There are several possibilities.

German commentator really has a hard time with van Wilder's name, by the way, usually calls him De Wilder, sometimes corrects himself.
The Europsport guy called him De Winter during the Prologue... Not exactly a popular name in Flanders, or at least not with a lot of people.
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Are we gonna have a Battle of the Van Wilder Threads?

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this thread will be closed now. An off topic OP just designed to make fun of a riders name isn't appropriate in this section of the forum (or anywhere really). we’ve had a discussion and decided to lock this and gave permission for a proper thread to be started.

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