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Velits brothers to Columbia...

Jun 15, 2009
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Is this a true story?

Columbia obviously have a lot of money to spend, but the Veltis' are a pretty solid bet for good results, so their investment should be recouped.
Jul 18, 2009
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Rumour is that there will be a bit of an exodus from Columbia this year, and that some may be heading in the direction of the Sky team who also have loads of cash to spend. Columbia are going to have to get a few guys in for the Cav train! Now they will have someone to beat Thor on the flat and someone else to out-sprint him at the end of a mountain stage!!!:eek:

On the subject of rumours. Had anyone heard that promising Russian junior Ivan Nastichestikov was goning to sign for Katusha, but failed a medical assessment. A spokesman said he had developed severe bronchitis brought about by the long Russian winters.