Viva Espana!

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Apr 12, 2009
biker jk said:
Over the past decade the Spanish list would be much, much longer. Spain is the doping epicentre of the world.
Oh please you guys are just ****ed because your one great hope keeps getting his *** kicked by "dirty spaniards", but don't worry because you guys will have a similar list with all the track championship the Australians are winning. Or are they clean because they're not spanish:rolleyes:
If we take the Do All Top Cyclists Dope poll results and just split the don't knows evenly between the yes and no votes, we find that 64% think they do and 36% think they don't. That is better than 3 out of 5 think all the top cyclists dope. And yet look at the argument we can have over which country dopes the most. They all dope the most. Why don't we just argue about who gets caught the most, or maybe more to the point who's country is best. It's time the get a clue police took over this thread.