Vuelta '20: Stage 1: Irún - Arrate. Eibar (10/20/2020)

I feel a bit uncomfortable that there is Giro and Vuelta whole week. I accepted RVV and GW through Giro but this is too much for me personally. But on the bright side if Vuelta will finish we will have 5 weeks of continuing GT racing. :D
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Valverde could have won this blindfolded 5 years ago but now it’s Roglic that will be heavy favourite.
I don't think so, not if they enter the descent together at least. It's all about experience and positioning, and Valverde has a 2-1-2-1 record at this finish, so he'll certainly know what do to, and it would be a huge surprise not to see him hitting the front at exactly the right time again.
Valverde won in Arrate in the 2017 Vuelta al Pais Vasco, but doesn't seem to have level to do the same again.

I expect that a group will get to the finish together and then it's all about getting first down the descent and through the last corners Samu style.
Roglic is going to take it and ride in the leader's jersey all the way to Madrid... LOL... There I said it:p
In 2017 Froome rode in the leader's jersey from stage 3 to 21. Jaja did the same in 1995 and in 1994 it was Rominger who went all the way from day one and winning six stages in the process. Really interesting if Rogla can do the same. The team should be strong enough to controll the race.
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If Bagioli wins, SafeBet has made one of the most impressive predictions of the season! Is he really good enough for it to be possible already?
Nope, but last time I wanted to make a silly prediction was Pogacar pulling a Lemond on the final Tour ITT. I didn't post anything and it happened.

So I'm not gonna hold back. It's 2020 after all.
Froome to be out of contention after this stage and go all in to help Carapaz. He may end up going in the break for a stage win at some point to prove to himself he still has it. Valverde should come nowhere near winning this Vuelta, top 10 as per usual for him. I'm gonna go for Pinot to prove that he can get another podium in a GT then he needs to get away from FDJ for a change. As for the win, just need to look at the Giro to see that it could be anyone..

But Valverde :D:D