Vuelta a España Vuelta a España 2021: Stage 6 (Requena - Montaña de Cullera, 158.3 km)

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Mas is riding by far his best ever Grand Tour. First time he has been right in the mix in week 1 and not having to come through the pack with his recovery and stamina attributes to the fore as his key weapons.

If he still has the usual 3 week staying power then a podium looks extremely likely.

Not true. In the Vuelta last year he was also really close after week one (37 seconds behind Roglic).
And even in the Tour this year he was right in the mix (of course bar Pogacar) after week one and lost a lot in week 3 on Col de la Portet.
Not saying he wont be on podium. Just saying that the presumption "he always come stronger in week 3" is not exactly accurate. In fact after 4 (competitive) GC's he is like 2/2. With the last two GT's suggesting he is not improving that much in week 3.
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Magnificent Magnus! He had to dig really deep to get it...bravo! It looks like Rominger will win this bike race. But the podium fight is wide open. Carapaz, Mas, Bernal, maybe a smart rider benefiting from a ninja attack. Valverde wants to pull a Contador exit: can he do it? Still a lot of uncertainty. But I'm afraid that Rog has this, well, in the bag.
Congratulations to Magnus Cort for taking the stage win and for his moustache.

Imagine the line Roglič had to deal with today. All coming to congratulate him for gifting big. A pad on the shoulder, big smile, a hug ... Amazing.
Did they also remember to thank Ineos for bringing Primoz to the line at just the right time? Weird finish that seemed to go at stall speeds occasionally on that strategic climb.
Are you thinking of the famous Keisse win in Turkey? (2012)
This was very different, and obviously wasn't a massive chasedown like that (with the additional drama of the late fall and de-chaining), but I can't think of a more closely run success of the break since, and certainly not at WT/GT level.

Edit: Good find, thanks.
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Oh, sure, let's criticise Movistar for being 2-4 on GC after six days because Movistar are always stupid and going for secondary placings :rolleyes:
Its the classic, innit?

They are in an insane position. They probably wont win, but the first 2 weeks is all about just staying relevant and then trying to go for the blow in the end and let the legs decide. Maybe they can use this for a tactical advantage as well, but usually its the last climb and best man wins.