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Vuelta Corsa X-Lite Wheels

Nov 9, 2009
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Are these Vuelta wheels any good?

Currently have record 10 speed on Open pro 32H. < These are completely shagged though as they are around 8 years old, have just gone through this winter and were built by a complete monkey.

Will use for Club TT's and fairly flat RR's. I'm 76KG at the moment , and ride smooth.

Apr 16, 2009
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I don't usually respond on the forum because I don't feel qualified. However, I purchased Vuelta Carbon Corsa 50mm clinchers for $650 about a month ago. They now have 1200km and are still true, even though I have hit a couple of bumps harder than I would have liked. They seem to be laterally stiff and roll well. They are around 400gm lighter than my previous wheelset and the other set were 25mm profile, so for me it was a win-win (more aero+less weight). Even with the double benefit, they did not magically add speed to the bike regardless of how good they look. Since rider weight influences wheel durability I should probably mention my weight as well - 160lbs.

The one complaint I have with the wheels is that the rear wheel, while true and round, is out of balance. I bought online and didn't have a chance to check first hand before purchase. Perhaps its a defect of low-budget carbon wheels and an aluminum wheelset would not have the same defect. Regardless, if you can look at the wheels in person before purchase, spin them upright in you hands and check for up and down movement.

You might also check some review sites like:

Hope the info is helpful, and happy trails!