Vuelta Stage 17: Villadiego - Los Machucos (180.5 km)

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Sep 3, 2017
from the beginnig? Huh in the first 70 km nothing will happen but we could see which will be the av speed after the tt
Pantani_lives said:
wheresmybrakes said:
Don't you know it's kamikaze time for Contador on the Lunada with Nibali following, before being caught on the Alisas and spat out the back. :D

Aru to win
Nibali could try something in the descent, but would he really risk throwing away his second place with an all or nothing attack?
He would not risk that much, on Machucos it will be mano a mano right from the bottom, team help will be minimized. I would actually say that ideal place for attack is on the top of Alisas.

The Barb said:
Really looking forward to this, even though I doubt much will happen on the GC ... Seems like an obvious stage for a second tier climber (i.e. not someone in podium contention) to get in a break or attack on the penultimate climb.

Majka must be targeting this. Adam Yates likewise. I could even see Chaves bouncing back on a final climb that suits him much better.

Amazed the Lopez is so dominant a betting favourite. A steep and irregular climb is not ideal for him at all.
I don't know, to me it looks like an obvious stage for strongest climber...