What defunct race(s) would you like to see run again?

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Jul 17, 2009
runninboy said:
Mammoth Stage Race in CA
It was such a great race, just a few stages but lots of climbing, great crowds.
The first stage when i did it was called altitude 9000 i cant remember if that was the total elevation gain for the 50 miles from Bishop to the Ski Lodge on Mammoth Mountain or if it was the elevation at the finish line. Either way it was really fun, especially when you were climbing Sherwin grade a nice 17 mile climb.

And hope there is no headwind

good call
Mar 19, 2009
Mellow Velo said:
One day race? Uumm...how about the Classiques des Alpes?
I'd like to see the Classique Des Alpes back also. I love the one day mountain races. What would be awesome would be a race like the Classique des Alpes with a major gravel section, like the course they had for the reformed Red Zinger race in Colorado in the late 1990s.
Bag_O_Wallet said:
I thought of a few more...

Baden-Baden 2-up Time Trial
Wincanton/Leeds Classic
GP Eddy Merckx - the 1-up version

I'm with you on that one, former World Cup race that was great to watch as a kid, that plus the Milk Race really got me into cycling before seeing the Tour de France.
Oct 11, 2009
craig1985 said:
Scary enough, I was thinking of making the exact same thread. BoW is not my multi either BTW :p

The Tour of Holland (scrap the ENECO Tour for mine), Vuelta a Aragon, Setmana Catalana.

I believe the Vuelta a Aragon is back this year, though only as a three day event
May 6, 2009
Mellow Velo said:
Yes, it moved to March, in 2005.
Thought it was moved back to October, because of the MPEroica.
UCI calander had it down for the 13th, or 14th (depending on site) but now reads as cancelled.:confused:

I'm still miffed as to why RCS killed the Giro del Lazio. It was their race :confused: