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What do you call teams in your head

Some teams have short, simple durable names, so when I think of the team of Valverde, I think Movistar.

But others are either novel or far too lengthy (Intermarche-Wanty-Goubert Materiaux), unwieldy (Team EF Education First-Drapac powered by Cannondale), corny (Ineos Grenadiers) or objectionable (Bahrain Victorious) to be the name that comes to mind, or even to lips unless we are obliged by speaking professionally about the teams.

There are obvious abbreviations (usually discrediting second sponsors), but I suspect I am not alone in having less logical and obvious other names I give the teams.

So I am afraid that I never think 'Groupama', but always of FdJ;
I think "EF1" for Education First;
"Blue stripes"before the letters DSM come to mind;
still "Sky" rather than Ineos;
"BEX" rather than Bike Exchange

but most strangely, "Lemon Juice" for Jumbo Visma, on the grounds that when they were LottoNL-Jumbo, their trigramme was TLJ, which I mentally switched to PLJ, thinking of the lemon juice brand that was a constant of the kitchen cupboard when I was a kid.

So how does anybody else annoy the sponsors by totally failing to get their names into their awareness?
For me it's two things: Lazyness, and which sponsor has stuck longest with a team. Hence why it will always be "Lotto", "Quickstep" and "FDJ" to me. The main exception being those teams that are named for countries.

BTW, "FDJ" refers to both the team Uttrup rides on, and the team Pinot rides on. I just assume people can guess which team I'm talking about based on context. (Though the Women's team have an easier full name now).
Of course, I generally refuse to make differentations between men's teams and women's teams: "Movistar" refers both to the team Norsgaard riders on, and the team Norsgaard rides on.