What does it take to be a professional cyclist?

Feb 20, 2020
I'm sure that this is a question most of us on this sub-reddit have, what does it take to become a professional or even semi-professional cyclist? I have only been cycling for about 2 years now and have experienced the pain of the impact the first several tough rides had on my body. How do you professional or semi-professional cyclists go about rigorous training and preparation for races? How do you get discovered, and does the life of constant pushing of your physical capabilities affect you? Its something I have been considering pursuing and I am sure others have to, so what does it take? From Daytona Beach to Miami
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There’s a saying it takes 10 000 hours to get really good at something or master it.

You will still need talent + the physical and mental capabilities that goes with it.

Right nutrion and training.

And a drive and belief in yourself that is similar to a machine.

But also, dont get too hard on yourself. There is a lot things that has to fall in place. Like eveything in life... work hard and have patience. You will end up where you supposed to be making the right choices. In anything you do or choose to pursue.
It's kind of a good question. When I was young I lived near a velodrome that had a great junior program. After a few weeks of it I realized that to succeed you need to be single-minded in your devotion to succeed, if that makes any sense. I had other interests -- i.e. girls, music, other sports...

Then in my 20s I started training for amateur mtb races, got up to elite level (in the US, so a step below even semi-pro or T-shirt sponsorship...), and realized, once again, that I was never going to get any further unless I quit my job, sold everything I had and decided that was going to be my one true thing in life.
In the beginning it's about talent, in the end it's about work ethics and determination. Also quite early it's a question of finding same minded groups as excellence breeds excellence.