what is the largest veldrome in the world?

May 11, 2009
Ryo Hazuki said:
with the highest attendance? anybody know?
The Vigorelli in Milano had 18,000 seats at one time and later 9,000 seats. When I visited in the 1980s it was in poor shape but I understand it is being rebuilt as the Maspes-Vigorelli Velodrome. I do not know the new capacity.

For comparison the London Olympic velodrome held 6,000 and the Los Angeles ADT velodrome 2,500.

Of course there may be bigger seating capacity velodromes.
Mar 31, 2010
I know there are 30,000 attendance velodromes in japan but always wondered which is the biggest. I guess the biggest are korea one and in japan. but hard to find exact attendance numbers. in japan keiring track cycling is a 14 billion dollar a year sport with over 4000 professional keirin riders
Yes, my friend, it is difficult to find any information on
current or historical attendance at Keirin races in Japan.

I have read in recent articles that the attendance at the
Sydney Cricket Grounds in March of 1903 to watch the
Sydney Thousand (that I referenced above) was 54,000.
In another article the attendance was given as 35,000.
Neither article gave a source for their number, although
the higher number was in a piece on the Cycling NSW
web-site, so they may have a reliable historical source.

The only historical reference I found stated "scores of
thousands" which may indicate at least 40,000 I guess,
although making any assumptions from a newspaper
story that is 110 years old is risky when one cannot
be sure of the usage and meanings of certain words
and phrases during that time period.

The SCG cycling track which was built in 1896 was
removed in 1920 according to Wikipedia, however no
mention is made of the size of the cycling crowds.
oldcrank said:
...the Sydney Thousand...
In an interesting side note, Hugh Donald "Huge Deal" McIntosh
the Australian promoter responsible for the Sydney Thousand
and Major Taylor's appearances in Australia was also responsible
for world title fights between between Bill Squires and Tommy
Burns as well as between Burns and Jack Johnson. Mr. McIntosh
was reported to have said he found cycling much more corrupt
than boxing in the dealings he had with the two sports.
Jun 19, 2009
42x16ss said:
Madison Square Garden was originally a velodrome (and gave it's name to the race as well) what kind of capacity and crowds did it use to get?
In the 10s of thousand. Don't think they kept accurate count as they would stuff as many people as they could into venues then. You would also have infield seating as well.