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What Will Sky Win Next Year

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What will Team Sky Win In 2010

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Recently, Geraint Thomas (oops, wrote Jones there for a moment) became the second fastest man in the 4000 metres pursuit. What do people think his chances are on the road next year? Could he be a contender for prologues? Im guessing that the race will be for second rather than first if Cancellara is racing.;) I know that prologues are different to a nice smooth track, ie, can need to power out of corners, etc but has he a chance in the shorter prologues?

As for Lovkvist, have part of his problems been that he hasnt been the main person in the team? In the Giro this year the team would have been more concerned with Cavendish and Rogers IMO although Lovkvist did hold the white jersey for quite a while. Would seem a better bet for the shorter tours though.