Which team will look the strongest on the climbs in the Tour?

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Which team will look the strongest on the climbs in the Tour? Post a Poll

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Jan 3, 2011
saneguy said:
Dont think it will be one team dominating the climbs. Most of the top teams will have 2-3 guys who can climb well...

Sky - Froome, Porte
Garmin - Hesjadel, Martin, Talansky
Movistar - Valverde, Quintana, Costa
Europcar - Rolland, Voeckler
Saxo-Tinkoff - Contador, Kreuziger, Rogers
True and some teams will use up their domestiques faster than others. I reckon Saxo might try to wreck things up early sometimes to wreck the coordinated Sky train, but that might deplete most Saxo guys in the process. On the other hans I think Movistar vill have all 3 you mention ready to attack and not pull.
Jan 3, 2011
manafana said:
Sky will dominate with kiri a machine who probably could do well as his own leader. But the Saxo train can at least rival it a little.
If the other strong teams wants to they can derail Kiri. But if they let Sky control it Kiri will indeed do his thing.

Own leader as in GC contender? nope.