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who has the best podium girls?

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Feb 16, 2011
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liamito said:

2016 favourite?

I don't know how she can climb with those great, big.....heels.
May 23, 2016
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I wanted to raise a serious point. Logged onto this thead to discover a depressingly sexist series of comments. Consequently, I suspect that the point I wish to raise will 'fall on deaf ears' -
However, what I want to say is as follows:
Is it not time to do away with 'Podium Girls' , if not generally, at least at the presentation ceremonies at the end of womens races where it seems particularly bizarre to have the woman athlete flanked by the two podium girls.

RedheadDane said:
This is not a new discussion.
And woman's races use Podium Boys as frequent - if not more - as they use Podium GIrls.

BTW... can we post Podium Boys in this thread?
Sure. Although, given my delicate male sensibilities, that looks a bit more NSFW than what preceded it :eek:

But maybe that's the problem. We're just not used to that sort of thing. So knock yourself out. Be the podium boy champion; the podium boy advocate.