Who will win the green jersey in the Tour de France?

Who will win the green jersey?

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I think Goss should have been included, but I would have voted for Sagan anyway. Don't think anyone will be even close especially as I am not sure Cav will go the full three weeks.
Dec 30, 2011
We already have a thread about Sagan winning the green jersey;)

Otherwise Goss is the only sprinter I can see challenging him.
Mar 9, 2012
To be honest I can hardly see Sagan winning a mass sprint against cavendish, greipel or kittel, but if he really wants the jersey, he'll get it.
Oh c'mon it is not as if Goss or Renshaw have any chance of winning this, I just wanted to fill the poll up a bit.

If I was not so concerned about hurting other peoples feelings here by not including their favorite rider :rolleyes: I would have gone for just Cavendish and Sagan.
Dec 16, 2011
Voted for Cavendish. Even with a lost of speed and a bad train he probably win 4 or 5 stages. Which should be enough to get the jersey.
Have any of those guys in the poll actually come out and said their team will let them go for green? If not it's hard to guess. I hope Gilbert is allowed to try and wish him and Rojas well for actually giving a monkeys about the contest last year (and making it entertaining).

It'll probably come down to which team wants it most, so I'll pick Rojas over Sagan as I anticipate the GC prospects of Valverde & Cobo will disappear quicker than those of Basso & Nibali. So Movistar might be more inclined to focus on intermediate sprints in that third week.
Mar 13, 2009
An outsider with a decent shot might be Tony Gallopin. He almost had it in the Dauphiné. But there were not many mass sprints in that race. IIRC the Tour changed the rules a couple of years ago that favours the final winner even more in comparison to the intermediate sprints, so a green jersey winner à la Hushovd when he was with Cervélo is less likely.

Cavendish might explode in the third week and not finish the race from all his efforts at the Giro. But as we recently saw he may have sacrificed some speed for versatility. So I think it will be a battle between him, Greipel and Sagan!