Vuelta a España Who Will Win the Vuelta 2019?

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Who will win the Vuelta 2019?

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Carapaz had no permission to start the crit from Movistar.

95% sure that's the reason they replaced him, not injury
Don't you think the spectators at the criterium would have seen him not crash if he didn't do it?

It's not as easy a lie as the assumed one of Bernal's collarbone break before the Giro.
First and foremost providing a link to dubious statistics doesn't prove anything
Some teams strength in points is based on classic wins etc ....not a valid measure for climbing strength at GTs and not really significant

Secondly the ludicrous idea that riders are weaker than 10 years ago is ridiculous and without evidence ...
It is obvious that one drugs are not in play like back then but also recent GTs have been very fast with some climbs in the last few GTs climbed faster than any time since the early 2000s and some faster than ever before with power outputs very high

Also it is obvious that PCS points mean little if alot of riders are at the same level which is the case points are distributed more evenly than when there were fewer riders wining more races

This is not an indication of weakness just an indication of many riders are at or near the same level ...which seems to be the case

But I dont know why I bother writing this as so many moaners on here who think strength is only Pantani (who was doped to the gills) and refuse to see that cycling has changed and riders are as strong but clean and there are several similar level riders rather than a few way out in front

And anyway true racing is not about Ineos type 'strength' being present but about similar level competition, attacking racing without the control
The so-called 'dubious' statistics are better than your usual 'take my word for it' arguments.

And you never specified 'GT climbing strength' in your original post that I replied to,

But if you want GT strength - Vuelta is pretty far back in terms of previous top-5 GT finishes, or recent (since 2016) GT top-10 finishes.