Who's to blame for the lance years fiasco?

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Who's mostly to blame for the lance years fiasco?

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Feb 4, 2012
Ultimate responsibility has to rest the those in charge - the UCI / Regulators / Administrators. While we still don't know the extent of UCI duplicity in Armstrong's deception, at best they were negligent. It's fairly apparant that ferreting out doping wasn't a high priority during Lance's reign.
Aug 21, 2012
Let's tackle the question of OP's agenda.

Obfuscation? Forum flooding?

Regardless, each thread is an attempt to open an avenue for blame to flow away from Armstrong.
Mar 10, 2009
Media, society, forgot fans and the poll didn't have cycling itself.

Media builds cyclist to bo super hero's puts the admired, hero hashtag on them for winning a bike race. Media hardly knows anything about them other than that they won a race.

Fans, are driven to follow/set up a fan club/buy anything they endorse/follow any media blurb on them, just because they won a bike race. Similarly, they know nothing real about them, except maybe their astrological sign.

Cycling, it is cycling and anyone following it for any length of time has had to decide if that riders great performance was real, anyone who has not had this Epiphany is either living in denial or a total loss to society in general. The exception to this are the fans who know sport is entertainment and do not expect miracles, super heroes, Messiah's to emerge from it.

Society, it lets it happen. Why? Society needs the average citizen to become a fan of something, otherwise those freakshow fans would be out on the street with no point in life seeking to find the meaning to their life. Most of us know they will eventually bump into another freakshow and then its a freakshow as the freakshow group builds with nothing but off the top of their freakshow minds things they will do.

Just look at this forum! Members get banned for being a freakshow, they setup sockpuppet accounts, other members follow them on other websites reporting in on them, others steal known aliases an use them elsewhere, people set up accouts on competing forums just to claim a username, and who knows what else. Society folks
Ryo Hazuki said:
yes, those 4 where the only ones who had epo in them. 1999 tour was very clean. even lance's teammates didn't use any epo at all except hamilton and livingston in a few mountainstages. but when lance was save in yellow they stopped as well and so did lance
We don't know this. In the first place, most riders in that Tour were never tested, since they didn't win a stage, wear a jersey or get randomly chosen. In the second place, I don't believe all the samples that were collected for the initial tests were re-tested in the EPO study. And most important, in many of the samples, the EPO had likely degraded, resulting in a false negative. The % of samples that tested positive for EPO was definitely an underestimate.

It should also be mentioned that even in those pre-microdosing days, many riders taking EPO might not have had enough left in their system at the time they gave a sample to trigger an unambiguous positive. There is no simple relationship between the amount of rEPO someone takes and the likelihood of testing positive, even at a set time after dosage--a fact, as I noted on another thread, that Tygart himself seems to be unaware of.

I will accept Hamilton's word as far as he knows what his teammates were doing, and certainly it's reasonable to believe that the Festina affair had some effect on the peloton. But the fact remains that at that time there still was no test for EPO. All riders had to do was make sure they didn't get caught with it in their possession.
Jul 10, 2010
Mrs John Murphy said:
Good job it is a multiple choice poll. It isn't all of the above because I don't see where WADA etc failed, nor do I see society as to blame.
I guess it is closed now - I can't vote, but I would have voted all except WADA.

I can not agree that society is not partly to blame. It is society, after all, that idolizes sports, fame, heroes, etc. That idolization is ultimately responsible for behavior like that of Michael Jackson, Paris Hilton, etc etc. Maladjusted characters are practically synonymous with fame. And, it is the society at large that creates fame.

Omerta is not just a product of a segregated and exclusive little cabal of a subculture. People on the edges of that subculture tolerate it. Society is people. When a subculture physically segregates itself, like the Warren Jeffs religious group, I think you can start saying that the blame accrued to society at large begins to wane. But, even then, there were still people who were members of the general public, and thus "society", who had some knowledge of what was going on - and tolerated it without asking uncomfortable questions.
Mar 8, 2010
Which Fiasco ?

Was good entertainment. :D

Perhaps it would have been better if Ullrich had been little bit better and they shared their wins.
Let's say 4:4 or something like that. Would have probably happened if there hadn't been that terrible knee injury and all that glasses of microwaved Nutella.
Anyway, thank you Lance. At least more entertaining than all those arrant hypocrites.

Like I said thousand times: I will never deny my sport or some selected decades of it.
And Lance was part of the sport. I stand to my sport and to all artists involved in the circus. Like a wedlock. In good and in bad times.
No man will be left behind.