Why Armstrong and not Indurain or Ullrich

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Here are MY views on what you posted:

Armstrong was brought down by the testimony of his own teammates. He did not test positive at any time. No amount of testing would have done it.
Right out of the gate, INCORRECT!!! he DID "test positive", more than once, and it was brushed under the rug, to protect his persona.

Stripped of most results.

Incorrect AGAIN!!! He was stripped of ALL of his TDF results(his 7 jerseys taken away, bronze medal, and all rightfully so).

Probably the most hated figure in cycling today.

Only thing you've said right so far.

Indurain tested positive once. But is still a legend of cycling. Not even a single peep from his teammates.
Because he hides behind the "SOL" where they can't touch him(I don't think). I have ZERO respect for Indurain/Merckx/ and a few others. Indurain is a cheater, and from here on in, will ALWAYS be considered a cheater by many.

Now you can go back to your job as Liestrong intern.

That's my view.
Zweistein said:
Witness tampering
Insurance Fraud
Being sued by the federal government, insurance companies, and sponsors
Paid off the UCI to cover up positives
Tried to payoff USADA to get them to end their investigation
Got politicians to put USADA under attack for investigating him
Forced people out of their professions if they talked about doping
Told teammates that they would be kicked off the team if they didn't dope
Used a cancer awareness foundation for personal profit
Being investigated for criminal activity in Spain
Cheated other athletes out of careers in pro-cycling by doping

There really isn't anyone else in cycling to even compare him to. Doping is really the least of his offenses.
This. Can't really add anything to it, hit it out of the park.
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