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Why no tour series coverage...



Why no coverage....?

having attended one round live, and watched all the rounds on tv, this has been one of the most exciting things to happen to british road racing in years.. Bringing the s"crit style" port live to massive amounts of people who have never witnessed road racing.. the series has probably also been unique in its presentation as a team competition..

While i appreicate Cn has a lot of results to cover, and obviously covers mostly UCI races, surely, someone could managed to turn the tv on, watch the race and do a quick write up..

FYI with one round to go, its all tied up between rapha, candytv, and halfords at the top of the table and whoever wins the final round wins the series. Halfords with their track lads took over at the top with four weeks to go and looked like they wouldnt lose it , two stunning wins for rapha, and great performances in the wet this week from both rapha and canditv (and the fact that it only occured to the rapha team, in the wet, on cobbles to let a bit of air out of their types) have tied it all up at the top..

I know youve got a lot to cover, but surely a few reports on a great new british racing series wouldnt have hurt.. :D
Mar 6, 2009
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Apologies for not covering the latest rounds of the Tour series - I agree that it has been good for British domestic cycling. You'll find some coverage within the archive (the old site) from the first few rounds.

We'll endeavour to come up to speed with the coverage now that the new site has been launched.


well it finishes today.. :D lol

actually been some of the best domestic racing ive seen since, well, i dunno the old city centre series.. and itv4 hats off to them, the production and the quality has been superb.. they put together a 1 hour program with just the right amount of bumph, decent commentary, and superb racing..

i appreciate that this is a world website, and that there are crits going on all over the us, races in countries all over the world and you cant cover everything.. if nothing else people should watch tommoro its gonna be a cracker..

to the uninitiated.. teams of five.. individual sprint prize based on three intermedaite sprints, and obviously a race winner, but the main competition is team, based on your first three over the line each race you get 12pts, 10pts 8pts etc down to last place.. Last race of the series and there is one point seperating Halfords (ed clancy et al), Rapha Condor (British Champ dean downing, christian house) and CandyTv (malcolm elliot etc, yes he is still racing).. so its gonna be an all out three way battle for the win..