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Why the hate for Lance?

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Jul 8, 2010
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ulrikmm said:
I do not like his morals.

His aggressive, American "I'll sue you" dealing with critique (eg. the physiotherapeut who helped him put make up on his needle marks, bookwriters)

His "donations" (UCI beware: There is no such thing as a free meal).

His Twitter mindgames.

Him not attending the Contador victory party at the 2009 Tour (where everybody else got their watches), and then attempting to not notice Conatadors visit to his bus in 2010, and trying to cover it up in different ways 1) "I was not in the bus" 2) "I was in the bus but at the back and did not see him" 3) When he realised how unsympathic his behaviour appeared, he stated "this is the greatest talent ever" (= it will be OK to lose to him).

His blaming the team for his punctures in the pavée stage (he rode like an amateur, the cobblestone experts always ride in the middle of the cobblestones: It is harder, much more vibration, but you ride there because you want to avoid the dirt shoulders of the road: smooth looking - but treacherous (lots of flats from the smaller stones in the dirt).

Him pretending to be a nice guy, doing charity work, when in fact it is obvious that he is a manipulating egocentric.

This is what I think of him.

Actually the capital of libel legal action is London, not the US. Last I checked that was in Europe. If Lance is to sue anyone for libel, he'll be doing it from London.

And the rest of your post is all about his return. I agree, his return was a poor decision. Both last year's Tour and this year's. But that still doesn't change that he was a great champion, won 7 times, and greatly popularised the sport and made TdF a global event. All of which all cycling fans should appreciate.
Mar 12, 2010
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I dont hate Lance but not cheering for him either. If I should dislike him for any reason it's for the one above. Like he's some kind of savior of cycling and that we as fans should be grateful for all he's given to cycling. It's utter nonsense, Lance does not promote cycling, he promotes Lance... To believe anything else is just naive. Most of the things he brought with him, money, US fans etc. will be gone with him and i'm absolutely confident cycling will be just fine as it was before he came along.

He's a good rider who made the most out of his career and fame, to think he's some kind of saint which we should all be ever so grateful to because of all he's given us and cycling as a whole is utter nonsense.
Biffins said:
All the people saying he focused only on the TdF is to me quite a bizarre answer. Why would you hate someone for making one event popular........ Next I'll hear how Sampras was an *** for saying Wimbledon was the most prestigious event..........!?!??!?!

that's some amazing ignorance of your hero, right there - if you're unaware of his behaviour towards the Tour.

Wimbledon is the most prestigious Tennis tournament. None of the others come close.
Jul 28, 2009
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There is already a thread for the trolls to frolic and play. I respectfully suggest that the modus operandi of the thread starter is a well worn furrow, to mangle a few metaphors, and it would be great if you could employ the padlock.

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