will Lance be like OJ ?

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From the title of the thread, I thought this would be a juicy discussion of how OJ and Lance both liked women that look like Lance's mother.

Interesting that it took 33 posts for someone to point out that OJ actually murdered a couple of people, something which Lance hasn't yet done (to my knowledge at least). Does this mean that posters here don't see the difference between Lance and a murderer? His image is really slipping. The article in the NYT is quite revealing - not a mention of his cancer awareness exploits. Ouch, that hurts.

The real damage in the eyes of the general population will be if the extent of his exploitation of the cancer theme for personal profit is demonstrated.

In any case, his image is already irreparably damaged which is a good beginning to any eventual punishment.
Oct 7, 2010
What I find more of a shame is that Lance wont go down for this, but Las Vegas PD will corner him for threatening some Livestrong bracelet and TdF jersey counterfeiters with a Silca HP frame pump in some off strip hotel room.
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