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World Championships preview thread

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This played out the way I expected, but kind of a bummer for CX in general. I would have loved to see a more technical course, with more features and off camber stuff, at least. Pidcock just flew up the steps every lap; he wasn’t really pushed at all, was he?

Well he did not get it for free and he got some wins from somewhat technical or muddy races too earlier this season. So kinda handles all types of courses when form is up? Clearly was tired couple of times this season probably building for this week. Thing imho is that his engine is many clicks above others, riding technique too, running I think is weak point but today he was fresh top form so those stairs looked good too. It's not surprise when you see how he challenges others in road and xco, he is a worthy winner.
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U-23 Women was probably the race I was most looking forward to these championships and it was a fantastic battle, just a pity Van Empel get knocked out of contention even though I was delighted to see Puck win. Commentators mentioned the U-23 race was faster than the Elite race after 4 laps reflecting what I said yesterday about the U-23s being badly missed in the Elite race.

I get that the track was super fast and not that technical, but Pidcock dominated and was a worthy winner. Hardly on the level of Cipo or Cav winning World Titles on pan flat courses sitting behind trains to the final 200m. Now that is what I call insulting to the sport.

What a race by Venturini as well, to me a much bigger surprise than Persico taking a Bronze.
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