Zajicek promoted to Pegasus

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Oct 25, 2010
chase196126 said:
....Once again, I must reiterate that I DO support what he is trying to do, but I do not like the way he is going about it. One of the main reasons JV has been able to gain a public eye for his "anti-doping" campaign has been because he has marketed himself well to the media. Even here on the forums most people are less likely to listen to a person who rants and seems violent either for or against a professional rider. If Decanio was willing to tone down this image I think he would be listened to and supported more publicly. He doesn’t need to tone down his message or cave to media pressure, he just needs to come across in a more publicly appropriate manor.

I hope my point seems clear...
At this point, it's been too many years of the Decanio "Angry White Rapper" persona to be able to go back and regain credibility. It didn't work for Vanilla Ice, and it won't work for Matt. I'm sure he'll be a great source of information for someone else to write a book or something, someday. He's not a cooperative guy. He's only willing to do anti-doping work in one manner... Wrapped around himself. He's been a complete narcissist in that regard. He may have been flat broke (and likely still is), but trying to turn his clean-racing agenda into a fashion line... it was counter-productive to the overall goal. Totally self-serving.