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ClassicomanoLuigi said:
staubsauger said:
Karsten Migels just claimed on Eurosport that Franco Pellizotti ends his career at the end of the year. Is that indeed a correct information? My latest information was that Pellizotti still races in 2019!
Some recent sources say Pellizotti will retire, I don't know if it's true

"Franco Pellizotti - Out (Retired)"
"Franco Pellizotti likely to retire at the end of this season"
Oh no. I wanted him to race one last Giro d'Italia! :(

Maybe he wins the Pyrenees stage of the Vuelta a Espana from a breakaway group. Would be a nice way to say goodbye.
Igor Anton will ride his last stage as a professional tomorrow. I was a big fan for most of his career (there wasn't much to support in his later years). His real breakthrough was a beautiful stage in the Vuelta, winning a stage in a tandem with (as far as I remember) Sanchez. His biggest moment would've been an emphatic Vuelta victory in 2010, but he crashed out and never really recovered. 2011 was thought to be a lost year, not really competing for the win in the Giro (though winning the queen stage on top of the Zoncolan) and finishing of the year in less than stellar form in the Vuelta. However, his most emotional win would salvage his race. The 2011 Vuelta was the first Vuelta returing to his native Basque Country and he won the stage finishing in Bilbao on hilly terrain - not his favorite environment, but he had the willpower that day that he might've lacked in his later years.

He scored some decent results in the next two years but after Euskaltel folded it was never the same. Nevertheless, a great and long career comes to an end and I'm kinda sad about that.
Arguably the 2011 Giro d'Italia was the absolute peak of Antons career, since that Zoncolan stage win was a stellar performance! Especially because he initially announced to hit the race far from his marvelous fall shape. After that day though his career trajectory went completely squip load, sadly enough!
I am quite surprised of this. He finshed 14th yesterday on the queen stage of the vuelta. Seems like he still would be able to win something. Well a great career with some amzing moments, especially the Vuelta 2010 where he derseved to win and then the Zonclean stage in 2011 was just legendary.

Frankschleck said:
I am quite surprised of this. He finshed 14th yesterday on the queen stage of the vuelta. Seems like he still would be able to win something. Well a great career with some amzing moments, especially the Vuelta 2010 where he derseved to win and then the Zonclean stage in 2011 was just legendary.
Contador literally won on his (second to) last day as a racer, so clearly still being able to win doesn't mean you shouldn't stop if you feel the time is right.
Anton has always been one of my biggest favourites. Sad to see him retire.

His post-Euskaltel years haven't been much to shout about, but I think that's a mentality thing. I think the ability has always been there, it's just the killer instinct and drive that has been lacking. Anton has reportedly been very well-liked at Dimension Data.

Even in the last few years, Anton has occasionally shown flashes of the great climber he is. In an otherwise horrible Giro for him this year, he made a nice show on the Zoncolan when he put his mind to it. Of course he left the race the day after.
Apparently, Jose Rujano ended his professional cycling career last summer already. He still won a 5th Vuelta a Tachira in 2015 after his return to South America. Nicknamed the condor of the Andes, his major career achievements of course are his 2009 Vuelta a Colombia win and the King of the mountains title at the 2005 Giro d'Italia, while additionally finishing 3rd overall. Rujano enjoyed a successful career in the South American cycling scene , although he never managed to fulfill his potential on the European scene after 2005. Still he remains among the most successful Latin American cyclists of the Zeros and is still well appreciated especially in Colombia given he left his sparkles in Europe during an otherwise rather unfruitful time frame for South American cyclists. Being a 15 year old kid back in 2005, I remember being hugely impressed and amazed how a little flyweight like Rujano managed to emerge at the top of the world on that legendary first Finestre stage. Ever since together with Emanuele Sella he's remained one of my most warmful childhood memories in cycling.

Being a true flyweight with around 48 kilograms on only 1.62 meters, Rujano in fact was even lighter than fellow latin hottie Eva Longoria who used to measure 48 kilos at 1.53 meters when she still was a true skinnygirl back in 2005!

Rujano remains in the world of cycling as he apparently set up his own Gobernacion Merida - Fundacion Rujano team 2 years ago and still holds a management position in that team. I'm not an expert in the South American cycling scene though, so Escarabajo might be able to verify or specify that information. He doesn't seem to be very active in social media anymore, since there ain't no recent updates on his Instagram accounts. Hopefully he fares well given the current political situation in Venezuela. Wish him all the best!

Jun 27, 2013
Astana's Truls Korsaeth is another one. He still had a contract, but decided to retire after just 2 pro seasons.
Hasn't raced since May, in fact.
42x16ss said:
Tim Booth said:
He was a very underrated rider, great domestique first for Flecha and later, Chaves.

THAT Roubaix is still the most entertaining day of racing I’ve seen.
Everything about this is true. Always been one of those workers I respected a lot since long before the Roubaix entertainment.

And about Antón, I have to admit it's about time, gone another rider whose result I checked after every race I missed, it got more and more difficult lately, but it's not easy to give it up. I wish him the bests for his next phase of life.

tobydawq said:
I did not expect to read about the weight of Eva Longoria today...
With any mention of her or any other beautiful woman in this forum it is mandatory that it also be accompanied by a picture, simply to break up the monotony of the constant images of skinny men in tight fitting clothes. I believe there is mention of this rule in the Welcome to the forum thread. :D ;)



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