Étoile de Bessèges 2023 (February 1-5)

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50km/u wind and complete carnage in the first hour of the race.

First echelon: De Lie, Van Moer, Van Avermaet, Leroux, Sivakov, Pedersen, Mosca, Piccolo, Powless, Houle, Vanmarcke, Latour, Van Gestel, Mozzato, Valvasori

1' advantage on 2nd group.

There is like 40k of headwind coming up and a lot of teams don't have their GC rider in the first group so might still come together. Ideal situation for Powless and Latour tho.

EDIT: Skjelmose also there!
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Thank you!

In the results I can only see the first 10, so anyone that saw the race that saw something of Anders Halland Johannesen? He had a bad crash in the sprint yesterday, so could be a reason to underperform, but I would’ve hoped he could compete with riders like Bernard and Laurance on such a climb.
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