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100th Volta Ciclista a Catalunya(2.UWT) - 22nd March - 28th March

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Still a worldtour stagerace though.

More than just a WT-race. Catalunya is one of the 7 classics: PN, TA, DL, Basque, Catalunya, Switzerland and Romandy.
Not the most prestigious one -that would be DL, TA or PN- but still one of the most important stage races.

Catalunya is the oldest existing one week stage race, that has been organised almost every year. (Tour of Belgium is older, but has several long periods without organisation.)
Volta was in June after the move from September pre PT/WT by the way.

And with the current calendar, I probably wouldn't mind it being moved to September with Setmana Catalana back. But these 2 things are just a pipe dream.
With the Vuelta still in September too? But I don't think I'm going to revive dead races (at least not the most implausible ones).
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And it's right there in the thread-title. You're not starting to develop thread-blindness, are you? It's the same malady toby suffers from, though his case is obviously even worse, as he can't even see certain threads!

Well at least I saw there was a thread for it. It appears that part of the title didn't register. I think I read that for this edition all the sprint points will be at the 100 KM (or close to that) mark of each stage and they are honoring different riders at those markers. I know it was in Spanish that I'd read it, so who knows if I can find that again.
A lot of big names should be looking to capitalise on the absence from the race of Pog and Rog to claim a World Tour GC win.

Lots of talent in the startlist yet it has a distinctly second rate feel without the two Slovenians and the elite Puncheurs.

The rare inclusion of a time trial should make the racing in the 2 mountain top finish stages more attacking as real gaps will be required for the climber types to win the overall.
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Yates vs Yates for the win? That could be fun.
I actually think the Yates brothers might be the best one week GC riders behind Roglič and Pogačar right now.

When in top form. I know van Aert was second in T-A and he is another strong candidate. But T-A was more suited to classics specialists than any other WT stage race IMO (excluding BinckBank Tour of course). I need to see more from him in other stage races to accurately rate him.
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I think they lack a bit too much in the time trial to be above him (if he is at his Tour of Poland level).
If Remco was racing and back to his pre-injury form, then yes, I'd rank Remco higher. But Remco is still recovering from the crash and will need a couple of months a least to be back to his former self.

I've actually had a look at top5 placings in WT short stage races for the Yates brothers since 2017. They have 16 top5 combined (Adam 10, Simon 6), but only two wins, last year UAE Tour (Adam) and T-A (Simon). I'm not sure if there is a rider in the peloton beside Roglič, who has more top5s than Adam in that span of time.