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100th Volta Ciclista a Catalunya(2.UWT) - 22nd March - 28th March

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Mohoric should not have waited for De Gendt the penultimate time on the descent, he could've easily gained 10 second and then De Gent would have still cought him on the final climb, but maybe not had enough to drop him, and then again attack on the final descent.
I agree. Mohoric more often than not lacks in climbing in those situations (strange for a guy who was 4th in a not so soft version of L-B-L). He gets dropped on the climbs and then has to chase on the descent. Instead of hanging on on the climbs and then attacking on the descent. He should do a MvdP version 2.0. Attack 70km to go but on a descent and never look back. He'll probably get caught again, but if there is another descent, just attack again. Maybe the only rider in the peloton who has in his descending such a strong weapon, much stronger than any other skill.
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