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2010 Vuelta a Andalucia

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Don't ya love the suspense. This is almost as intriguing as that box opening thing with Noel Edmonds.

Twitter updates stopped after "last k, sprint"!
Feb 12, 2010
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4. Bauke Mollema (Rabobank) s.t.
5. Jens Voigt (Saxo Bank) s.t.
6. Simon Geschke (Skil) s.t.
7. Sergio Pardilla (Carmiooro-NGC) s.t.
8. Manuel Vázquez (Andalucía-CajaSur) s.t.
9. Jurgen Van den Broeck (Omega Pharma-Lotto) s.t.
10. Johnny Hoogerland (Vancasoleil) s.t.
May 6, 2009
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Andy99 said:
Good to see another British team winning ;)

Just like all those Italian Pro Continental teams registered in Ireland. Or Gianni Savio's teams are either registered in Colombia or Venezuela, even though he has Italian sponsors, and employs plenty of Italians, and is Italian. I suppose in fairness to Savio, he does employ a lot of racers from both countries and has worked and is working as a coach/DS for both countries.