2012 In Pictures

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Now this is a sprinter. One of my biggest disappointements he couldn't pull this one off.

A big one after a year full of near misses. Smart attack, on the right place. Epic win.

The reason why Contador is the Great One. Second place is for losers, attack until the end. If you win good, if don't well you tried. Am I the only one whose favourite Contador moments where defeats? I mean this one, Tropea, Gap, Alpe,...

A bit of a surprise win but it was nice to see such a low key rider winning so huge. The bitter part was only De Gendt and Rodriguez losing.

The classic man vs mountain. De Gendt showing that riding for GC doesn't mean you have to ride like Van den Broeck. Honorable mention for Nieve, the guy that only bothers to win stages with more than +4000m.

The Giro. Scarponi at the end of a "boring" Pampeago stage. We shouldn't complain this much.

Italy being Italy.

One of my favourites wins of the season, saving a very dull stage.

Who would have thought the first columbian win would be throw the snow, rain and cold? A fan of Atapuma ever since.

The WTF win of the season. I wouldn't bet this guy could climb so well and would win on a climb where Contador blew the Tour apart. Oh and thank you Mr. Valverde.

One of the best stages of the season. In Qatar, so there's hope for 2016 :D

I thought it was a mistake he rode the Tour. Maybe he's the real deal after all: the way he handled the bad days, the pressure and expectations. Well done.

After a week of conversations with Martin at the back of the peloton, the tactical awareness, sense of opportunity, TT skills and great eye for the breaks, LLS saved the Tour for Rabobank and for himself. One of the best stage hunters out there. I hope he gets his one week stage races form back next season, for Nice and Romandie kind of stuff

The man that doesn't breathe and one of the best climbing styles of the peloton. After a lot of suspicion I had after his breakthrough last year, I'm a fan now.
Aug 16, 2011
Lulu V. Voigt

Rui takes the biggest win of his career

At least Phil was active in the Ardennes, even if he didn't have the form to win.

The terminator "runs" away from everyone.
Aug 16, 2011
Vanquisher of the Stelvio

Personally one of my favorite moments, an epic ride by the aging hardman.

Nibbles wields the trident

Funny how no one has posted any action shots of Wiggo :p.
Aug 16, 2011
Phinney takes a enormous leap forward in his career.

5.37 seconds!

Takes out Mark Cavendish in a sprint...

...Wins the sprint a couple days later.

He's spending most of his time in front of the peloton. On this particular day he did exactly that, just... slightly further ahead!


Now you're warned...

The 'Ox from Hammel' learned the hard way that attempting to remove a newspaper from your front wheel while going at around 60 KpH just isn't very smart!
Jul 25, 2010
My favourite moments of the Olympics

After the hype, I found this amusing.

Evie leads the way

Lizzie on her way to 2nd behind that '*****' from the Netherlands.

What a legend!
Iljo Keisse wins Stage 7 Tour of Turkey following a dramatic finale that saw the 29-year-old Belgian, alone,
40 seconds ahead of a charging peloton, crash on the final corner before calmly putting his chain back in place,
remounting and racing to the finish.