2012 Tour of Utah, Stage 6; Park City to Park City

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Jan 11, 2010
Dekker_Tifosi said:
That was the short in the downhill I was referring to above. Then the next image he was definitely back on again. It was pretty much near the end of the downhill he was dropped again, and that was on a very fast downhill part.

edit: my feelings confirmed

” Daar bleef het niet bij, want nadat hij in de afdaling door een stuurfoutje achterop was geraakt, maar toch weer terugkeerde, had de Brabander nog voldoende macht over voor een felle sprint." (rabosport.nl)
Another one to add to your "Dutch can't descend" list then ;)

Never mind that he first attacked on the descent.
Mar 11, 2009
jens_attacks said:
wow didn't know that this is such a beast of a climb

go levi!

That climb was unreal. over 10% pretty much with pitches 20% and up.
We rode up it and watched near the top on a real sttep corner right where Levi made his move., sufferfest.
Jul 10, 2010
Maaaaaaaarten said:
Tour of Utah is a great race.

California and Colorado made me think USA had only boring races, but Tour of Utah was very exciting.

I don't mind globalisation of cycling, if it looks like this. :)

(well, not very much)
AToC has the spectacular views of CA, but it truly has not been all that hard. However, what it lacks in terrain, it makes up for in the fans and audience it generates. They get GOOD numbers of ppl watching.

CO last year? Pfff. I thought that was pretty bad for all the ballyhoo it got. I thought it was pretty bad even without the ballyhoo.

I have to agree that ToU has a great course. I was very pleasantly surprised. Now if they can get some good crowds out. . .
May 12, 2009
So I was lucky enough to get a ride in one of the team cars yesterday for Stage 6. We got a couple riders in the break, so spent the next two hours with the break, until the cars got pulled from the gap on the Empire Pass climb. Several comments:
1. I would just soon see radios back in the race. Some scary driving was necessary to talk to the riders. I don't think it would affect the racing, and it would improve safety.
2. The Wolf Creek climb was hard. The guys in the break were suffering pretty good. The descent off it was really good and very fast. Too bad it is a private road, as it would be great to ride. It would be a very hard climb going the other way.
3. As evidence of how hard this was...when we got pulled from the gap on the Empire climb, we stopped to wait for several team riders in the "autobus". After they came by, we followed them up the rest of the climb. Shortly after those riders and us passed the 20K to go mark, we heard on race radio that Levi was passing 10K to go. So at that point, in a not too long stage, he had a 10K lead on the autobus!