2012 Vuelta a España: Tarazona – Jaca, 175 km

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Jul 16, 2010
Arnout said:
One can make a case for Cuba, parts of Africa and middle East, China, Dprk, some Southern Asian countries. But in the majority of countries one is able to speak his mind.
Tell that to Julian Assange.
Well orica/greenedge gamble on Cameron Meyer was a total fail.He lost over 19mins and came in 189th on the stage...Lets hope they now sign a decent Grand tour rider in the near future??Give the fans something to cheer for..:)
Jul 13, 2012
Seems to be an assumption by some folk including the bookmakers that Froome will be extremely difficult to beat now,he'll go well in the ITT but i still havent seen this guy have a bad day this year.

The scenario i can see is Bertie riding into top form (he said before the first stage that he expected just to keep in touch first week then he would go for it) and Froome even with his super-strong team gets seriously dropped at some point losing over a minute.Bertie is not anywhere near 2009 form but he's still the best rider in the race and will show it. Some people are getting carried away, El Pistolero is about to start shooting!


Muscle cramps are a plausible explanation, but there are always some reasons(Evans mentioned stomach issues during TDF, right?) - the question is what is the real cause and will it happen again?
It's too early to make confident conclusions about AC's true state of form and Vuelta potential. Time deficit is not yet worrisome. Next few days will reveal more and make for better predictions although it is often hard to make good predictions whenever the things are far from clear cut. Not to mention, as many people pointed out, that things can substantially change during few weeks. Saturday can only show if AC doesn't have what it takes to win GC, but not the opposite.

I hope for a good race with a lot of GC people attractive attacks.
Jun 22, 2009
McLovin said:
we finally have a great GT after so many fails and what we do? we speak about this florecita baby girl for half of last 15 pages. sometimes I think i'm the oldest here, though I'm 28.
it's also interesting to see that those users who said on Monday that this is the best GT ever (because of their favourite seven 25 meters attacks) are now complaining about how lame this, in my opinion best show in years, is (again, because of same Contador).
Just sit back and enjoy this beautiful race.
No way, it hasn't been too bad but I'm not gonna label it as something special, because it ain't!

Giro 10' now that was beautiful.