2013 Tour de France Stage 1: Porto Vecchio -> Bastia, 213km (29/06/13)

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wwabbit said:
Big grin smiley at a crash is seriously uncalled for, but at least it wasn't a LOL...
Under these rules, I guess all the dutchies really hate Tom Leezer.

KBK 2011 2k to go, leezer crash.

The Sheep said:
No Rabo victory then :p
Timmy-loves-Rabo said:
Leezer, the best sprinter they probably have here goes down :D
ak-zaaf said:
This is getting amusing :)
Dekker_Tifosi said:

A bit over 1km to go....
Mar 12, 2011
DenisMenchov said:
Rein's escape is UNBELIEVABLE. He was hit no less than 4 times and he went trough unscathed.
He didin't go through unscathed. He required some stitching up above his left elbow.
Jul 23, 2010
Well, this certainly isn’t the chaos JV said Garmin was going to create. Looking forward to tomorrow’s stage!
Jun 16, 2009
The only positive part of this stage was that I was able to catch up on some sleep and the final km's were interesting.

Why would ASO make the opening stage of the centenary Tour so boring?
Apr 11, 2010
Gubby Allen said:
He was way out of contention when he did crash.
That's because he doesn't trust his train, it happens all the time he loses touch with his team mates because he is ducking and weaving to see what is happening ahead. Just doesn't have the balls or the desire
Pure Carnage and utterly chaotic. Had the misfortune of listening to Phil and Paul as well.
Too bad Contador and Hoogie crashed. Hope they recover speedily though the news on Bertie isn't too good.

Congrats to Kittel on managing to staying on his bike.
Jun 16, 2009
cineteq said:
If it's so boring what are you wasting our time?
It is the Tour. It is a massive event but the race is boring. Others have said the same thing as myself. Boring stage overall but you watch it because of the potential that something might happen. Not hard to work out.
GOD is watching us :D. Just few minutes before the accident with bus organizers had ordered to remove “Sagan" flags because: “The banner must be perfectly seen". Well, bus made it definitely "extremely visible" even for non-cycling fans. :D .
I was quite rude defending the best photo spot (right in finish line, next to the banner). I am sure some French guys had to be pretty upset of me. The same bus made that spot useless + Sagan crashed. :(
I promise I´ll go to church today (have not been there for ages) if it can secure he is perfectly OK and ready to fight today.

P.S. I wish I am not such an idiot and know how to insert the picture from the comp. :D
What a stage. Totally anti-climax. And a big crash at that. I could see one of the Shack riders literally flying...guess it was Klodi....

Lot of action ! Loved the start. Totally unexpected.
Jun 27, 2013
LaFlorecita said:
I don't believe it.:eek:

Now watch them finish top 5 in the ttt.
..........however I have just read that the Orica Greenedge bus driver is an ex cyclist from the Basque country