2013 Vuelta a España, Stage 21: Leganés/Parquesur→Madrid (110 Km)

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roundabout said:
Uh, this may not endear me to some (most?) people here, but here goes.

Euskaltel were an embarrassment. An orange Radioshack. Apart from Anton on Penas Blancas and Nieve on one of the stages the big 3 did nothing. Oroz and Egoi Martinez were the usual people in the break. Says it all.

Nerz and Arroyo deserve praise. The carrots deserve nothing for creaking and croaking their way to the final podium.

And I was one of the people crossing my fingers for Laiseka to hold off VdB in 1999.
You're absolutely spot on regarding this race: their lack of tactics and agression didn't really live up to their history. I think Nieve and Anton were tired from the Tour though.