2015 Arctic Race of Norway 2.HC 13/8 - 16/8

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Jul 16, 2011

Taxus4a said:
My favourite is Taaramae. the climb of the third stage have the same numbers that the stage of Pineda in Burgos, where jus Lopez, Scarponi and Dani Moreno beated him, and he was working.

Of course could be some people that could beat him there but some of them has lost time today.
I'm also hoping that Taaramae does well tomorrow. Kangert is another Astana guy who should do well on this terrain. It's easier than the finish in Pineda. It should also be good stage for Herrmans. Katusha's Froome impressionist looked strong today and will probably be let off the leash tomorrow.

Dark horse: Frank might do OK if he has recovered from the Tour. (Frank and Zakarin are a few seconds down on Taaramae. Kangert and Herrmans s.t.)

I haven't got a clue about the local lower division riders though.
Jul 24, 2015
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Tank Engine said:
Norbea said:
Can´t wait! I come from these parts. Starts in Harstad (The home ground of ARoN). Second stage goes over Gratangsfjellet - Historic area where epic battles took place during World War II in the winter of 1940 - only suiting then that the stage finale goes through a military camp at Setermoen.
Stage 3 is the one to watch - Fantastic scenery on the island of Senja with a finish up a ski-hill. I only wish the last stage in Narvik was a few km longer, but all in all ARoN should deliver again. At least as the heli-shots above the arctic sea and mountains rolls over the TV-screen with the odd reindeer or polar bear in the mix:)
I've wanted to go to Norway for a couple of years now and my goal for next summer is to tour Lofoten and Vesteralen (the archipelago to the west of Narvik). It will be a logistics nightmare to get there, but checking out photos on the internet and watching this, it just has to be done.
You can´t go wrong with Lofoten and Vesterålen. It is an overdose of nature. And don´t worry to much about the logistics. You can just get a flight from Oslo. I would worry more about the cost and unpredictable weather.
Sep 6, 2014
Ive just given myself a nice pat on the back after my Bennett prediction. That's the second time this year he has beaten Kristoff. on his day Bennett is one of the fastest sprinters in the peleton, a bit inconsistent but that will come as he gets more experience.

happytramp said:
I really like the fireworks display.. even though it was the middle of the day. Great support for the race.
Seemed to be a kind of fireworks with the smoke being the "pretty part" rather than the sparkle-stuff. Of course if they had to wait for it to get properly dark they might have to wait quite a while, being north of the Polar Circle.

Okay, I'm jealous at Bideau! I'd love to get 500 kg salmon!
Aug 9, 2012
I think Aso is producing the hole stage. Don't know when it starts though. Between 13-14. There is not a cloud in the sky according to the images from TV2s prerace show. I'm looking forward to the Images. I think the racing could be interesting too.