2015 Tour De France Stage 4: Seraing - Cambrai, 223.5 km

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perico said:
Walkman said:
perico said:
Contador and Nibali are riding like beasts.
Uhm…subjective much?!

Nibali rides really great, but what has Contador done to separate him from Froome and Quintana?
He has been at ease on the front. I'm being quite subjective. He's lost no time to Nibali or Froome, who some were predicting to put time into him, especially Nibali. Getting through today with the same time as the favorites is what they all need to do. The pressure is on Nibali and Quintana to put time into Froome and Alberto.
I spoke to soon, but like I said, the pressure is on Nibs and Quintana.