2015 Tour de France Stage 7: Livarot - Fougeres, 190.5 km

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Jul 10, 2015
Re: 2015 Tour de France Stage 7: Livarot - Fougeres, 190.5 k

Mayomaniac said:
cala said:
Kristoff's coach said the reason why Kristoff couldn't get his speed up was because he didn't have chance to start to accelerate until he was in the uphill, while the others started their acceleration on the flat beforé the last uphill. When Kristoff got a free way, the other sprinters were already at their highest speed.

Guarnieri was a bit irritated at Haller because he didn't move away quickly enough. After Guarnieri saw a video of the sprint, he realised that he did the same mistake as Haller. The leadout also went too close to the barriers instead of to the left, so Kristoff was boxed in. The advantage of a leadout-train, to go so fast that the others can't pass you, became a disadvantage instead because of their mistakes. He probably wouldn't have won anyway, but he was chanceless starting his acceleration in the upphill.

Kristoff has'nt been very lucky so far. First sprint stage he came in the second group because of a crash. His second chance, he got a puncture a few km from the finish, and now this .
Haller crashed pretty hard on 2 different stages, in the big crash on stage 3 and in the the big crash on stage 5, so I can understand that he's not at his best.
Yes, of course, thats true. Now that Paolini is sent home, a stage win for Kristoff this tour, will be even harder for him.
Jun 30, 2012
Re: Re:

jmdirt said:
winkybiker said:
Cav switches to new bike. Wins.
Are you sure? He was still sportin' his new riser bars.
Pretty sure. I can't see a front brake in the finishing shot, indicating the new bike. Nor on Sagan's bike. The riser-bars are a feature of the new bike, it's just that Cav is also using them on his old bike that has a VERY short headtube (he was actually using spacers last year - the horror!).